The Premise

The History

In late 2010, I – Jeffrey French – decided to start a film review site, called Film Reviews by Jeffrey. I wanted to challenge myself to really sit down and think about the movies I was watching. Where were they coming from? What were the filmmakers trying to teach through them? What were there strong and weak points, both theologically and technically? So, I decided that I would try and review all the films I watched from that point on and – in order to motivate myself – I’d post the reviews online.

Well, life got busy (it tends to do that, doesn’t it?) While I was able to post quite a number of reviews, I ended up slowing down over time. What with doing school nearly full time, and even making a short film of my own, I had less and less time to write reviews for all the films I watched. And so in a desperate attempt to keep the site alive – I started posting Guest Reviews.

Then I had an idea.

What if I broadened the scope of the site? What if I opened up the site a bit, and instead of having ‘Film Reviews by Jeffrey’, we had ‘Film Reviews by People’?

Yes, we really did consider using that as a name.

I talked it over with some friends, and they liked the idea, thus this site was born.

The Premise

A lot of the film review sites I’ve looked at seem to be obsessed with counting exactly how many times certain curse words are used and how many scenes of violence there are in any given movie. And while that’s certainly not a bad thing, and I’m very grateful to these site for providing such a useful tool for determining whether or not a film is safe to watch, it seems to me that many of these reviewers are looking at films through a magnifying glass, and not with the naked eye. Most of these sites will tell with amazing accuracy all the details of a film, but very few of them tell you what the film’s message is.

That’s what we’re going to try to do.

The site is run by a group of young people – mainly aspiring filmmakers – who are deeply interested in learning more about what films are communicating and how they are doing it.

When we watch movies, we think about the movie afterwards, and try to figure out what the filmmaker was trying to tell their audience, and then examine that message through the lens of scripture to see if it is true. Then, we post our findings online, so that hopefully others may learn about evaluating films.

With that in mind, I’d like to mention one thing.

Not every film we review will be recommended for others to watch. We’re all human, and sometimes make mistakes. We too watch films and realize, “You know what, that wasn’t worth watching.” We still review them though.

Also, please keep in mind that this site contains reviews from multiple authors. While our views on films are similar, it is important to note that the reviews found here merely reflect the opinions of the individual reviewer, and not necessarily the site as a whole. Our reviews are meant to help guide you in your choice of what films are appropriate for you to watch. We can’t decide for you. Ultimately, what you watch is between you and God. That being said, we hope the reviews found on this site will be a help to you as you explore the wonderful world of film.

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