College Road Trip

college_road_tripJames Porter is a man of the law, so he’s seen his share of danger, and he ain’t never gonna let his baby see any of it. Which is why he is a Northwest University man all the way! Why? Because it is 40 miles from home, so when his baby goes off to college he’ll be able to get there in 28 minutes (he’s clocked it) in an emergency.

Melanie isn’t so worried about how fast dad can get to her college, though. She wants to be an attorney, and her sights are set on Georgetown University, which is 700 miles away, in Washington DC, crime central! So, you can imagine dad’s response to such a declaration.

The problem James runs into is his wife’s convincing speech, and the fact that his daughter is planning on a college road trip with her friends. So, dad makes a decision. He’s going to take Mel on her cross-country trip to DC, convince her how wrong it is for her, and then bond with her amidst all the schemes.

If only things would go according to plan.

Positive Elements

James does love his daughter. He just wants what he thinks is best for her, and he wants her to be safe. But not only does he love his daughter, he loves his wife and son, too.

A few nice moments are sprinkled throughout the movie, such as when Michelle, James’ wife, says, “You taught her how to think for herself and be strong”, or when James tells Mel, “Go in there with all confidence, keep your head up, and do your best.”

Negative Elements

Dad, being protective, has a couple of guy moments, in relation to his daughter. When a handsome young man offers to give Melanie a tour, dad asks, “A tour of what?”. Also, when James hears a deep-voiced girl answer the phone at a sorority house, he immediately thinks that Mel is sleeping with guys and girls at the sorority sleepover. He rushes over, only to realize his mistake once he’s under the bed, and is found out and “exposed” as a Peeping Tom the next morning.

Violence is all in an attempt to be humorous (the movie is a comedy, after all). Things like James and another man battling with golf clubs while racing side-by-side in golf carts, or a dad tackling a young man when he learns that he’s engaged to his daughter.

Language is reduced to a couple of “Oh my god!” comments, and the only alcohol depiction is at a wedding reception. James also makes the comment to Melanie that coffee is, essentially, a drug.

Also worth noting is the fact that Melanie lies to her dad about going to the library with friends when she’s actually going to a party.


The movie is pretty harmless and rather unspectacular. Which is probably why this will be my shortest movie review ever. The movie has a very weak plot, some funny lines that weren’t enough to carry you through the movie, and is yet another “daughter was right, Dad was wrong” kind of film. The pig was adorable, and that was the funkiest, most enjoyable version of the song Double Dutch Buss I have ever heard, but that is about all I can say for the movie.

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