Captain America

Captain America Poster MovieCaptain America is a scrawny young kid who lost both parents in WWII. He desperately wants to join the army, but is to weak to be accepted. However, due to his incredible integrity, loyalty, and honesty, He is chosen to become a incredible superhuman thanks to the extreme amounts of technological brilliance from one man…

After he becomes Captain America… He starts fighting to defeat Germany and win the war.



Things I liked

The character of Captain America himself. A true hero we can root for with all our might is a rare thing nowadays, especially coming from Hollywood. Marvel does an incredible job of showing how a true hero acts in the lowest of circumstances, to having the most power on earth. Captain America is a rare figure who exhibits Honor, Truth, Perseverance, Honesty, Sacrifice, and Humility. All biblical qualities that are very well expressed in this flick.

The aspect of relationships with women. Steve (Captain America) is not your typical ladies man. Actually he is one ladies man. Throughout the entire movie we see him over and over again choosing to wait for “the right partner”. There is one time a girl forces herself on him, but he is immediately ashamed. When he finds “his partner” it is a very pure relationship, and I really appreciated that from Marvel. Not once did the words “I love you” appear. They were never needed, and it was a weird thing not to hear those words from a movie, but weird in a good way.

There is an underlying theme of perseverance in this movie. Over and over Steve is given an opportunity to give up, yet he never does. Twice he is asked “you just don’t quit do you?” to which he replies with a simple, yet stubborn “Nope”. Whether it is chasing an enemy through new york, or maneuvering a a futuristic machine, Steve never gives up or gives in. This something from which we can all learn.

Finally, I liked how evil was portrayed. Evil was evil, no if, ands, or buts. The bad guys were bad guys and you never wanted to root for em. That alone got a big thumbs up for me.

Things I Didn’t Like

There is a lot of violence in this movie, I’ll bet I saw more that a hundred people get killed. Captain America has a shield, and he knows how to use it. He bashes heads, breaks necks, and pounds bodies in every which way. Tons of people gunned down. One shot we see it exit out the victim’s back, and blue guns vaporize enemies. A particular scene that made me flinch was watching a guy getting sliced with aircraft blades. Men fall to their deaths. It was less bloody than LOTR, but it had the *punch* or something from like Batman Begins. Not pretty, not fun, this is war. With war come losses. Plenty were had and shown in this movie.

There is an underlying theme of man’s goodness. I hated that message. one quote in particular *you know what separates us from them? We are good. A good man know the value of weakness, and compassion” The idea that some people are good and others isn’t is quite flawed, all men are bad, not matter how “good” they may seem. It is only through Christ we can do good.

Another thing wrong was the amount of language in this film, I know I know, it is a war/military movie… but still, it is fake and would have appreciated a lot less.

Closing Thoughts

It is no surprise to me this movie got many bad reviews from “professional” critics. A movie that had an honorable hero? Evil shown as… Evil? AND a almost biblical view on relationships… Big red flag in their book. So while the language and worldview are clearly unacceptable and sinful in this movie. The other themes are refreshing to see in a world of trash and junk.

I walked out of this movie feeling… filled. Filled with an appreciation to what sacrifice and perseverance can do, even in the light of the loss and tragedy that comes with it.

To me, Captain America was the hero movie of the year. I think it will be yours too.

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