Arthur and the Invisibles

arthur_and_the_invisibles_ver2Arthur is a young boy full of life and adventure, despite the fact that his life has fallen on hard times. He is staying with his beloved Granny because his parents have to go out and find jobs (the movie is set in the mid 1900s, I think) and his Grandfather turned up missing years ago on one of his adventures. But things take a turn for the worst when he and Granny find out that that, unless Grandpa shows up to buy the property they live on, they will be evicted to make way for a new apartment complex.

Heroic little Arthur has a plan, though. He’s going to find that treasure Grandfather buried on the property and save Granny’s farm. His map? Well, he doesn’t exactly have one, just stories told by Grandfather about a little kingdom of teeny tiny people named Minimoys.

With his heart pure with the desire to help, Arthur begins his quest to save the tranquil little world he loves.

Positive Elements

Arthur is a beacon of hope throughout the film and inspires hope in others along the way. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to defend others, be that his Granny from eviction, or the princess Selenia from danger.

Explaining why Arthur’s parents have left him with his grandma, the narrator tells us, “Times were tough, and his mother and father were doing the best they could to take care of him.” Later, however, they vow to never let money problems keep their family apart again. Similarly, a Minimoy king reunited with his children calls them his “most prized possessions.”

Negative Elements

The biggest issue for some viewers will be the magic element in the movie. Arthur becomes transformed into a Minimoy very early on and, obviously, there’s a magical element involved with that. In the same fantasy flair, Arthur is the only one who can extract a “magic sword of power” from a rock, reminiscent of young king Arthur himself.

Some spiritual concerns also arise through various comments and procedures. The king sends off his daughter by asking the “spirits of the ancients” to guide her, and later makes a sentiment of “May the gods hear you.” Meanwhile, a spell is spoken of by the Evil M- one that has disfigured him- and he believes Selenia is the only one who can reverse the curse. Also, there is some sort of spiritual stuff going on when Arthur is turned into a Minimoy. The operator of the machine takes various actions to assure that Arthur’s spirit and soul are sent along with his body.

The other issue for movie goers will be the romance and tension between Arthur and Selenia. There’s nothing sexual about their subtle flirtatiousness, but it’s worth noting that this 10 or 12 year old boy interacts with the 999-year-old (but still young-looking) Minimoy more like a 16year old would, and in the end, they vow to wait for each other.

Also, the transformed Minimoy version of Arthur causes girls to sigh, gasp, and call him hot. Selenia herself is rather voluptuous and has her midriff exposed throughout the whole movie.

There is plenty of sword clashing, evil legions of warriors (stupid ones) participating in combat, and some sibling spats that involve pushing and shoving, and a joke about cutting out a brother’s rambly tongue, but it’s all animated and fairly tame. Although, Arthur does bring a couple of henchmen to their knees with a swing of the sword across their legs.

God’s name is interjected three times, and “oh my gosh” is spoken just as frequently. A “what the …” exclamation goes unfinished. Other name-calling includes “fool,” “rat-boy” and “stupido.”

There is some alcohol content… ish. A club owner serves the group a round of neon green drinks that cause the characters to exhale green vapor. There’s no alcohol or drug mention, however, though Granny does immediately fall asleep after accidentally taking an excessive amount of her “sleeping drops.”

The only other thing worth mentioning is that, though Arthurs intentions are good, his means aren’t always. He does disobey his grandmother when she tells him not to leave his room and get into mischief.


The animation is stunning! The world of the Minimoys is intricate and detailed. The Minimoys themselves are fun. And Arthur is a good boy at heart. This one truly does come down to what things can, and can’t, you tolerate. There is nothing about it that makes me say “you have to watch it!”, but it was enjoyable and it’s a visual treat.

  1. It does look pretty! I’ll have to ponder this one. 🙂 Great review!

      • Kaitlyn E.
      • December 1st, 2012

      Oh it is so beautifull!!!

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