Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger

Jimmy Valiant PosterYoung men look up to heroes. In days of old, the heroes of young men were the godly older men who had come before them, and before their fathers. Men like the apostle Paul, George Washington, Winston Churchill, Stonewall Jackson, and many others. All flawed men (heroes tend to be that way), but also good men. Men who stood for what was right against great odds.

Sadly, in the past few years, we’ve seen a change in heroes. Now, the “heroes” this generation looks up to are sports figures, actors, musicians, and even fictional characters from popular films. These people tend to give young men a false sense of heroism, especially when you consider that they often live very immoral live driven by pride, lust, and greed.

Enter Jimmy Valiant. He’s flawed, but then again, we all are. And while he starts out living for himself, throughout the film he grows to realize that it is not his duty to deal out God’s judgment on all his foes, but that vengeance truly is God’s.

Action, Adventure, and Real Heroes

As I mentioned earlier, heroes have been going downhill for quite some time, and there’s no better place to see that than in the movie theater. Independent Christian Filmmakers have made great strides in many areas and genres, but one genre that we haven’t fully attacked yet is the action/thriller film. As a young man, I know that is one of the film genres that speaks strongest to men. Sure, a good love story can be inspiring (particularly to you ladies out there), but quite frankly, I’d rather see a good hero take out the evil bad guys any day. Apparently, Nathaniel Darnell feels the same way.

And thus, Jimmy Valiant was born. Both Nathaniel Darnell and his co-producer, Nathan Barns, are dedicated to raising the bar for Independent Christian Filmmaking and discipling young men through the action/thriller genre. Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger is their first step into that arena.

True Heroism

The message of this film is that true heroism starts with the heart. As he goes through this exciting adventure, Jimmy Valiant learns that he cannot be a law unto himself, because ultimately, God is the one who rules this world and punishes evil doers.

Besides having several excellent themes, Jimmy Valiant: Scions of Danger, is also completely clean. No unwholesome language, no immorality, no gratuitous violence (more on that later), nothing to offend! The film is also well done technically speaking, with the visual effects from The Effects Forge being especially good.

There will always be bad guys

Quite frankly, there’s very little for me to say against the film. That’s refreshing! I’ve watched so many films that when I get to this section, the hard part is choosing what to say and what to gloss over, but with Jimmy Valiant, I almost left this section out!

I will mention however, that there is a bit of violence and some families may be uncomfortable with it, especially if they have young children. It’s not over-the-top, nor is it gratuitous, but this is an action film, and some people do get beat up, and at least one is killed.

The only other thing I’ll mentions is this: keep in mind that this film is actually a pilot episode for a 13-episode series that will be produced if enough interest and funding can be generated. As such, it can be a bit rough around the edges at times, and some of my family found the plot a bit hard to follow. Hopefully this will change when the full series is released and the story is expanded.

End Game

Overall, this was a good action film that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to action lovers everywhere. The story was well-paced, the fight sequences believable, and the dialogue completely clean! It can be streamed online for only $3.99 or bought on DVD for $12* from Persevero Films.

*If you’re thinking about grabbing the DVD, you might want to wait a bit. I’ve heard rumors that a special edition DVD is going to be released soon, complete with behind-the-scenes videos, a director’s commentary, and deleted scenes!

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