A Christmas Carol (2009 Disney Animation)

A Christmas Carol PosterI must say that I had high expectations for this film. While I am very familiar with Dickens’ masterful tale, I had never seen it as a movie, and was greatly looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, Disney has almost ruined it in this animated feature film.


The Good

It was very well made, technically speaking. The detail they put into the animation of the film was incredible, and it would have been amazing in 3D! That is also however, where Disney failed in this film.

It was also good in that, for the most part, it stuck to the book. There was only one place where the changes made to the story made no sense what so ever, but more on that later.


The Bad

I believe that the film was mainly made to show off what could be done with 3D. As I mentioned, the animation was technically well done, but there where many things that seemed like they had been added to the story just to show off what Disney can do with 3D. For example, toward the end of the film there’s a scene where Scrooge is chased through London in miniature by the ghost of Christmas-yet-to-Come, who turns out in the end to also be the angel of death.

While I’m sure it looked great in 3D, it didn’t really have anything to do with the Christmas Carol Dickens wrote. The whole scene should have been cut and replaced by other, more meaningful, scene that Disney left out.



While I was very much looking forward to watching the film, I was greatly disappointing. Maybe if I hadn’t had such high expectations I would’ve enjoyed it more, but I doubt it.

Hopefully I can find a better rendition of Dickens’ classic story to enjoy later this Christmas season.

If I do, I’ll be sure to let you know.

    • Kaitlyn E.
    • March 19th, 2012

    I was creeped out by the movie, as well as disappointed. Thanks for the review, Jeffrey.

      • Jeffrey French
      • March 24th, 2012

      You are quite welcome!

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